Instructor Tithira started his martial arts life in 1994 by practicing Gojukai Karate under the late Sensei Ajith Dammika Jayakodi at the age of nine, for two years. Then after a few years he started practicing Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do in the form of which it was existent in Sri Lanka. However, after a […]

Prageeth Thoradeniya is a heavy martial art enthusiast. He is a senior instructor & event coordinator of MMA Sri Lanka. He has extensive training on MMA, Karate and experience on Krav Maga. He is one of best resource persons Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do  has. Head Trainer The Shed – MMA team Assistant […]

Gihan Nadeera De Silva is also a very talented person. He is a good motivational speaker. He is doing all moral boosting and motivational speeches in each of every public seminars we do. Gihan is handling all our civil affairs to marketing materials. He functions as a Training Assistant the Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do and […]