In 2014, I was fortunate to be able to travel to India.  During my stay there, I assisted my Instructor in presenting a JKD Seminar, as well as a program to the Indian Army.  While presenting , I met a JKD instructor from Sri Lanka, Tithira Perera.  Sifu Perera invited me to return to Sri Lanka in 2015.  During my stay in Sri Lanka we presented a two day Street Survival Seminar, conducted a free Women’s self defense seminar, and trained 102 Military and Special Forces soldiers.  Tithira introduced me to his family, his students and his culture and I instantly felt welcome.  During my tenure in Sri Lanka, we strengthened our friendship established in India and worked together to hone our skills.  I had the opportunity to not only train Tithira during this period, but to also witness him in the process of teaching as well.  I find Tithira to be a very humble and patient instructor with excellent skills and a strong desire to improve in his art. Tithira has a unwavering interest in developing the complete martial artist; both body and mind.  I would strongly encourage anyone in the Columbo area interested in improving their fitness level, confidence, self esteem, and self-defense skills, try a class at Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do with Sifu Tthira.  You will not be disappointed.

Kirk D. WeichtHead InstructorDallas/ Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do AcademyTX, USA

I joined the School Of Jeet Kune Do because there was a threat to my life and i needed to be able to protect myself. Not only have i learnt self defense but also a completely different way of life for the better. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to join the School and learn its ways as these techniques will someday be useful for life

Anupama Premawardena

Today I joined the seminar in Galle and I loved every minute of it!! My only regret is that I was late and so I missed some parts of the training.

The three guys running the event are one of a kind! Very professional,great instruction given, friendly.They are very motivated and very good at what they do. You feel all the time you are in good hands.If i had to resume my experience today at the seminar in one word I would say it was EMPOWERING.Really really cool stuff we learnt .Wish you guys all the very best and keep doing the great work. Many blessings to you!

Thank you Tithira, Prageeth, Gihan

Meera Yoga InstructorUnawatuna

I began my training in Jeet Kune Do several years ago under the instruction of Sifu Tithira Perera.  Over time, he has helped me perfect my technique with a very patient approach.  He adapts his style of teaching to the aptitude of the student, from the beginner to the more advanced.  I have been impressed with the impact the Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do has had on our community. In addition to serving the needs of JKD students in a group setting, the School of JKD has been involved in providing instruction to our military and special forces as well as free Women’s Self-Defense Seminars. Since my involvement with  Sifu Tithira, I have been blessed to be awarded instructorship positions in both the Escape to Gain Safety Program, the focus for the Women’s Self Defense Seminar, and the Rapid Assault Tactics Program, a program originally designed for the Navy SEAL’s.  Unlike many other JKD instructor’s, Sifu Tithira’s lineage traces directly back to Sijo Bruce Lee.  His passion for teaching has been apparent from our first meeting.  I strongly encourage anyone with an interest in the martial arts to explore Jeet Kune Do and the teachings of Tithira Perera.

Prageeth ThoradeniyaApprentice InstructorSri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do

Traveling all the way from his mother country to another country to learn, empowering people by teaching them self-defense for free, managing “The Damini Project Sri Lanka” to fight against rape culture, spreading the art of JKD, Kali, Wing Chun and BJJ in his motherland by inviting international experts like Sifu Kirk Weicht. Only a highly dedicated and professional person can do this with highly passionate about helping others and bringing a change in the society.

I am glad that I came across this wonderful person and was able to be a part of his journey. I met him while he traveled all the way to India to take part in the JKD Seminar by Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal to train with the expert himself. During his visit we trained together and I was highly impressed by his skills and attitude towards learning the art.

Not only he possesses skills and a great ability to teach, He also carries a wonderful heart and soul which makes him a complete warrior. I will highly recommend Tithira for anyone, who wants to change their life by learning Martial Arts and Fitness. I can ensure you that he will be your brother, teacher and mentor who will bring out your true potential.

Arun SharmaHead Instructor/ Martial Arts ExpertJKD Athletic Club - India Delhi

Tithira is a very dedicated student who has been able to seek out and bring some of the best martial arts teachings available to Sri Lanka. His determined focus has allowed him to tirelessly train and become very skilled in Jeet Kune Do and Action Strength. I am very proud of his achievements and know that he will be a positive force for the people of Sri Lanka.

Ranil PiyarathneJKDAA coach and Tithira's first instructor

I met Sifu Tithira on his visit to India back in 2014. Sifu Tithira is one of the finest instructors I have ever met and is a great friend. He is a true martial artist who is passionate about teaching. You can tell he really cares about his students and follows their progress quietly but diligently. A level of expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

Besides having an authentic learning experience, his way of breaking down a complex art into simple concepts is simply amazing. Moreover his efforts in teaching.Women free self defense is highly commendable.

So whether your goal is to learn martial arts or feel safer walking the streets, or just to get some exercise and lose some weight, you will find a good home here. I highly recommend anyone of any age and background to visit this school and be addicted for life.

Binish SukhijaInstructorJKD India and BJJ India

I have worked with Tithira for over eight months now. Tithira is a genuine person who seeks and demands excellence of himself and those around him. I gave Tithira many tasks and tests to do, and he went after it! He would always come back for more critiques and guidance until he had his techniques down solid. His strong work ethic, his ability to take correction, and immediately apply what he learned is impressive. Tithira is also a great teacher and martial artist. I have seen a few of his students via video and how they move. They were taught well. He has a very big heart. Tithira has always been eager to help me as well on anything I ask. I Highly recommend Tithira as a Martial Artists, a teacher, web designer, and as a Strength coach.

In Strength

Nick EllisChief training officerNorthwest Jeet Kune DoSpokane, WA, USA

I had a brilliant opportunity to train with Tithi (thats what we call him) when he came to India for Shifu Harinder singh seminar in 2014. Tithi has profound knowledge and experience in the area of JKD and wing chun and at the same time, its a great martial artist at heart. He is humble and at the same, truely strong in the spirits of JKD. Equally jovial, Tithi is a great friend when it comes to helping me with my doubts in wing chun. I have learnt a lot from the experiences he has shared in all these years. I would say one thing – if you are in Sri Lanka, dont miss the chance to train with Tithi. Brilliance personified.

Deepesh DangIT personal, student JKD Athletics IndiaJKd indiaBanglore

A very big thank you for conducting an excellent session. We all learnt a lot and and certainly felt empowered. Once again great job and keep up the good work you three do to protect the women and children of Sri Lanka. Hope many corporates will be encouraged to conduct such sessions which will benefit their valued female staff.

Shanaka WadugeHead, Corporate AffairsCiti bankColombo